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The private enterprise "VILIS" began its activity in 1996 in the field of food industry. Today it occupies a leading position among domestic producers of pasta and apple jam. Products of TM VILIS are more than 15 types of short-cut and long-cut pasta, as well as apple jam and flavored - a product without which it is impossible to imagine any pastries or confectionery.

Our values

Our values

  1. Trust.

  2. Team.

  3. Development.

  4. Environmental friendliness.

  5. Accessibility.


Жабчик Віктор Федорович
Жабчик Віктор Федорович
Жабчик Сергій Вікторович
Жабчик Сергій Вікторович
у 1996 році

The peculiarity of our company is that it is a family business. This fact plays a big role in shaping the corporate culture of the enterprise, ie it is the type of business in which you work with someone you trust. Trust is our key value, and the corporate culture of our company is based on family values and traditions.

The private enterprise "VILIS" was founded in 1996 and was engaged in the sale of forest products and grain. The founder of the company, Victor Zhabchyk, has always dreamed of his own production and in 1998 launched the first line for the production of pasta. In 2002, the company acquired the territory and capacity of the cannery of the vegetable drying plant, which made it possible to increase the company's capacity and enter a new market. From 2003 to 2007, in addition to the production of pasta, the company specialized in the production of canned fruits and vegetables, soft drinks and other food products.

Currently, our company is one of the largest producers of pasta and apple jam in Ukraine. All thanks to our friendly family team, because our company is a big family. And we are convinced that the family business, in the work and management of which representatives of several generations take part, is focused on long-term development.

вул. Кн. Володимира, 111, м. Рівне, Рівненська обл., 33003, Україна <br> вул. Грушевського, 2А, м. Рівне, Рівненська обл., 33003, Україна
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