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Private enterprise "VILIS," founded in 1996, is one of the largest Ukrainian manufacturers of the food industry and produces more than 16 types of short-cut and three types of long-cut pasta, apple jam, and flavored fillings. For their production, only purified natural water from our deep wells and high-quality raw materials from local manufacturers are used and tested in our accredited laboratory.

PE "VILIS" manufactures pasta products under its own brands: "VILIS", "Makarella", "Italino," and "Viverelli"; as well as for the following brands: "Premiya," "Full Cup", "Extra", "Superovo", "Nash Krai", "Kukharochka", "Pershiy Ryad", "Clever", "Marka Promo", " Piatto", "Family", "Margarita" and others.

Taking the European socially responsible business model, the company implements resource-saving technologies, works on developing environmental protection projects, and takes care of comfortable working conditions and personnel development.

PE "VILIS" sells its own products throughout the territory of Ukraine, as well as the countries of the American continent, Europe, and Africa. In recent years, there has been active cooperation with more than ten countries of the world: Slovakia, Georgia, the Czech Republic, Moldova, Venezuela, Panama, Gabon, Angola, and others.

For partners' convenience, PE "VILIS" has its own logistics and transportation department for product delivery.



The production of PE "VILIS" complies with international norms and standards. Modern technological equipment, natural raw materials, coordinated work of a professional team, and constant technological improvement ensure the highest quality of products.

The enterprise has implemented a food safety management system in accordance with DSTU 7043:2009, ISO 22000:2005, ISO 9001:2015, and the requirements of the international system "HACCP" and the "HALAL" certificate. We can guarantee that our products are of high quality and absolutely safe.

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